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Boost Center
(Coming Soon!)

We're Excited to Announce our Boost Centers by Blue!

As the demands of our community and the need for financial literacy soar, The Blue Foundation and Blue Federal Credit Union are excited to announce the upcoming launch of the Boost Center by Blue. This pioneering new concept of a family resource center will be a collaborative effort and a dynamic force in enhancing the work of numerous local non-profits and organizations already making significant impacts.

When completed, the Boost Center by Blue is set to be more than just a building; it will be a commitment to lifting and supporting the pillars of our community. By merging our efforts with those of established non-profits, we're focusing on improving housing stability, deepening educational development, and widening economic opportunities. This initiative is all about guiding individuals on their journey to financial independence.

As we eagerly anticipate the mid-2024 opening of our Boost Center, we encourage everyone to keep up to date with its progress. This center will be more than a physical space; but a symbol of our unwavering commitment to strengthening and uplifting our community. Stay tuned for exciting updates and announcements as we approach its grand opening.

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